Music Festival Rules and Regulations


No pleasure or joy riding of motorcycles, mini-bikes, golf cars, four wheelers, or bicycles on festival premises during festivals.

Golf cars and four wheelers to be used by festival employees, staff and parkers only. Seasonal campers or audience may use golf cars to travel to and from the stage and main tent area to watch the show but MUST park them in the designated parking area and MUST have proper lighting if used after dark.



  1. No drugs on premises and no unruliness, foul language, vulgar and/or offensive behaviour or indecent exposure will be allowed.
  2. Children must be accompanied by an adult.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse admittance.
  4. No campfires or charcoal barbecues. Propane only.
  5. Wrist bands must be displayed at all times. Broken or stretched wrist bands will not be honoured.
  6. No running generators from midnight (12 AM) to seven am (7 AM) except for emergencies or medical reasons. Be reasonable with the length of time you run your generators. They should be run only long enough to recharge your batteries. If you leave them running for extended periods, you will be asked by security to stop and resume running them at a considerable time later. If not, you may be asked to leave the premises.
  7. No glass, or breakable containers permitted in stage area.
  8. Keep vehicle speed under ten (10) kph.
  9. Please do not stand and block the view of the stage from people sitting watching the stage show or the person in the sound tower.
  10. Keep radios, tape machines, etc. at a moderate volume in camping area.
  11. No spoon playing or loud talking or any other distractions in front of the immediate band stage area. Dance on the new provided dance stage, but no drinks and no smoking on the dance floor.
  12. Park in designated areas only.
  13. Absolutely no powered PA systems, including microphones plugged into instrument amplifiers, allowed anywhere on the grounds, except what is on the main stage and no LOUDparties after 1am. Have consideration for your neighbours and keep it to a reasonable volume.
  14. All dogs or pets must be kept on campsite OR on leash at all times & scoop up after your pet. No dogs allowed under the tent or in the stage area. Each pet owner is financially liable for any personal injury or property damage their pet causes. Fox Mountain Camping Park accepts no responsibility.
  15. Deposit all litter in waste containers.
  16. Running & leaving extension cords across walkways or roadways is prohibited.
  17. Visitors must purchase Day Pass which expires at 11:30 pm.
  18. To stay overnight you must purchase day passes for days of arrival and departure.
  19. Please do not use excessively high-back chairs in the stage area. Be considerate of others.
  20. No smoking under the tent or stage area. Smoke away from these areas.
  21. We reserve the right to refuse admittance or to evict anyone who creates a disturbance or nuisance or breaks any of the above Rules & Regulations without refund of admission.
  22. Fox Mountain Camping Park is not responsible for personal injury, theft, loss or damage to your personal property